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While most eyes were on Gotzis this weekend, another event was taking place in Bedford, the England Athletics Combined Events Championships. And even though Katarina Johnson-Thompson was in Austria, the best of the rest GB ladies were in Bedford, Jessica Tappin, Jessica Taylor-Jemmett and Morgan Lake.

It was a gorgeous day in Bedford, and the stadium was fairly busy, mostly with keen relatives supporting the athletes, some had even set up their tents and gazebos around the outside of the track. The decathlon started first, with the men kicking off with their 100 meters, Peter Moreno taking an early lead, which he would hold for the whole of day 1.

The highlight of the day was Morgan Lake's high jump off 1.91, apparently the British highest jump outside so far this year (before Kat jumped 1.95 in Gotzis!). Just like Gotzis, you could walk round the stadium and get up close to the athletes, this was especially interesting during the high jump, when they came over and chatted tactics with the coaches. As the day went on, the wind got up which possibly affected some of the later performances.

By the end of day 1 the leader was upcoming young star Niamh Emerson (U20), who had put together a good series of events to go into day 2. Morgan dropped out – apparently this was planned in advance.

As well as the Combined Events, the event also include the Disability Open which included Jonnie Peacock – who had only been in Manchester the night before for the City Games, he easily won his 100 meters.

I didn’t attend day 2 – but to conclude the event – Peter Moreno was overtaken on Day 2 – the winner of the Decathlon being  U23 athlete James Finney (7263 points), the winner of the Heptathlon was Niamh Emerson (5801) and Sophie Hahn got a World Record in the 200 meters!

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