Katarina Johnson-Thomson and Laura Muir won gold medals in impressive style on the first day of the European Indoor Championships in Glasgow. Niamh Emerson took silver behind KJT In the pentathlon and Melissa Courtney a bronze medal behind Laura in the 3000m.

KJT was within 2 seconds of a world record score in the indoor pentathlon. A very long jump showed it was within her grasp, but a red flag meant it would not count. After the event, Kat said, “It was a really good day. I was going to say I couldn’t ask for more but I did want a little bit more. But what I did today was really high level. 4900 points is my second best ever so yes, I am very happy to come away with the gold." Niamh was only competing at the invitation of European Athletics, but she paid them back in style with a PB in all 5 events. She fell across the line in the 800m to hold on to second spot.

Laura Muir had already run a 1500m heat early in the evening. She admitted that it was a faster race than she would have liked. The 3000m was the final event of the evening and it became a tussle between two British and two German athletes. Tracking Klosterhalfen for most of the race, Laura burst past her with 250m to go, lapping most of the field. The delighted Scot said, “To break the Championship record and get a world lead I was so chuffed. In a way it was so nice to have the [1500m] heat and see what the atmosphere was like and on the start line with the reception I was like ‘woah’, it overwhelmed me a little bit but it prepared me well for the final. The fans were crazy on that last lap. I thought I had quite a lot of pressure in Berlin [2018 European Championships] but here being an ambassador for the event and saying I was going to do the double. I’ve done a comp where things have been so close together with the final and the heat before, I thought ‘how am I going to rest and recover’ and the girls didn’t make it easy for me today and I was so glad coming through the heat and then the final tonight."

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